Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Herbs & Spices


The process of grilling meat, can produce carcinogens.  In order to eliminate some toxins , you can add rosemary extract .  Use rosemary extract or fresh in meat marinades.


Cinnamon may lower your risk of heart disease and diabetes and even improve your memory. For use every day, add half a teaspoon to your oatmeal, coffee or even your yogurt! 


Sage may help to improve your mental performance and your memory.Try taking one gram per day of sage. You could try in with your vegetables like, asparagus.


When we have upsets stomachs sometimes we drink a glas og ginger ale, but those drinks have artificial colors and sugars. If you take the real herb, it could reduce dizziness.  Not only that but if you train or try to loose weight and you hate/enjoy the sore muscle pain, you could try taking 2 grams daily of ginger, it will ease induced muscle pain.